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The Heelan' Hound

Custom made authentic tartan dog coats, kilts collars and leashes

The Heelan' Hound line of distinctive authentic tartan clothing was created so that your dog may proudly celebrate its Scottish, Irish or "wanna be" heritage.

The Heelan' Hound is the preferred tartan clothier of discriminating canines with "Best in Show" pedigrees, pound puppies that are just plain mutts, or the lucky members of the family adopted from animal rescue. Any doggie member of your family can wear the tartan with pride.



We give careful attention to the design and creation of each tartan dog product we make. We have sized our products to fit a wide range of dogs. From our largest friends to the smallest, we can customize a distinctive tartan wardrobe to fit any dog member of your family.

The design of our authentic tartan coats and kilt coats is accented by polar fleece and quilted poly/cotton linings in a wide range of colors to suit any dog's refined taste. In addition, The Heelan' Hound offers a line of coordinated leashes and collars, in both side-release buckle and martingale styles.


The photo insets on several of the Heelan’ Hound web pages are of members of Clan McHowl, the honorary clan for dogs who wear the distinctive Heelan’ Hound tartan dog fashions. Shown at left is our dog - Surry’s Bonnie Dubh Lass (affectionately known as Neilley.) She is the official model and Vice President of Product Testing for The Heelan’ Hound. We invite you to stop by our tent (when pets are allowed at the games) to meet her. She’ll give the children a slurpy kiss and roll over for belly rubs from the adults.

The Heelan’ Hound · PO Box 305 · Richfield, NC 28137 Phone 704-463-5745

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